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Mind-Body Medicine Conditions

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Treating Canker Sores with Mind-Body Medicine
... Canker Sores Mind-Body Medicine Canker sores are often brought about by stress. Learn to meditate, do guided-imagery, and visualize yourself as a healthy, relaxed person. Find a relaxation technique t...
Source: Holistic Online

Treating Arteriosclerosis with Mind Body Medicine
... Dr. George Jacob Heart Infocenter Alternative and Complementary Remedies for Arteriosclerosis And Atherosclerosis Mind Body Medicine for Arteriosclerosis Mind/body healers use positive affirmations to...
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Mind-Body Medicine Other

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The Psychophysiological Approach
... "The Physician should not treat the disease, but the person suffering from it." A brief survey of healing practices throughout history and throughout the present world is both illuminating and though...
Source: HealthWorld

Breathing Practices
... It is a bit unusual to us in the western world to consider the importance of breathing techniques. After all, we are always breathing, aren''t we? It seems a little silly to put extra attention to som...
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