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Treating Canker Sores with Nutritional Therapy
... Canker Sores Nutritional Therapy If your sores are caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency, supplements of vitamins C and B complex, as well as folic acid, iron, and zinc, may help. Several studies ...
Source: Holistic Online

Treating Arteriosclerosis with Nutritional Therapy
... Dr. George Jacob Heart Infocenter Alternative and Complementary Remedies for Arteriosclerosis And Atherosclerosis Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements for Arteriosclerosis And Atherosclerosis Caution: ...
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Treating Gout with Nutritional Therapy
... Arthritis Gout Nutritional Therapy Long-term goals of nutritional therapy should be to reduce susceptibility to recurring flare-ups. During acute gout attacks, supplements should act to reduce inflamm...
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Treating Menopause with Nutritional therapy
... Menopause and HRT Alternative Medicine for Menopause Nutritional Paying attention to a healthy diet is very important to menopausal women. Some vitamins and phytochemicals seem to be especially helpfu...
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Treating Infertility Male with Nutritional therapy
... INFERTILITY Alternative Medicine and Therapies - Men A naturopath may suggest the following as treatment for infertility: improving the nutrition of both partners; hot and cold water splashes on the g...
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