The acronym CRP may stand for: *The Calgary Regional Partnership; the metropolitan area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada*Committee to Re-elect the President*C-reactive protein (chemistry), including hs-CRP, or hsCRP*Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, a lightweight material*Capacity Requirement Planning*The IATA airport code of Corpus Christi International Airport, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States


... Why get tested?
To identify the presence of inflammation and to monitor response to treatment [Note: to test for your risk of heart disease, a more sensitive test (hs-CRP) is used.]

When to get tested?
When your doctor suspects that you might be suffering from an inflammatory disorder (as with certain types of arthritis and autoimmune disorders or inflammatory bowel disease) or to check for the presence of infection (especially after surgery)

Sample required?
A blood sample taken from a vein in your arm
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The acronym CRP may stand for: The Calgary Regional Partnership; the metrop ...
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