The abbreviation ACT or A.C.T. may refer to:* ACT (cognitive model), created by John R Anderson* ACT (examination)* ACT New Zealand (political party and movement)* Act of Parliament* Ada Core Technologies* America Coming Together, an American political group* Annual Change Traffic* Applied Computer Techniques, a computer services company founded in 1965. In 1985 it was renamed Apricot Computers. ...


... Why get tested?
To monitor high-dose heparin anticoagulation when undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass and dialysis.

When to get tested?
When you are receiving high doses of heparin to prevent clotting during surgical procedures such as a cardiopulmonary bypass. When heparin levels are too high to allow monitoring with an aPTT test and/or when a rapid result is necessary to monitor treatment.

Sample required?
A blood sample drawn from a vein in your arm.
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