The acronym ACE, depending on context, can refer to: *Accumulated Cyclone Energy, a measure of the activity of Atlantic hurricane seasons*Adaptive Communication Environment, an open-source class framework*Advanced Computing Environment, a defunct initiative to define a "new PC" based on MIPS CPU's instead of Intel x86*Advanced Composition Explorer, a NASA satellite*Air Combat Emulator, a 1980s computer game for the Commodore 64 home computer*Altamont Commuter Express, a commuter train ...


... Why get tested?
To help diagnose and monitor sarcoidosis. To help differentiate this systemic condition from other disorders causing similar symptoms.

When to get tested?
When you have granulomas (masses of inflammatory cells) that create small bumps under the skin, a lingering cough, red watery eyes and/or other symptoms suggestive of sarcoidosis. Regularly when you have active sarcoidosis to monitor its course.

Sample required?
A blood sample drawn from a vein in your arm
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For the playing card, see Ace. For other meanings of the word ace, see Ace ...
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