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You are what you eat. No matter how often we hear that simple phrase, the message just doesn't seem to sink in. The ubiquitous fast food standard of a burger and fries has created a population of poor eating habits. Drinking refreshing beverages consisting of sugar and water only makes the problem worse. Gold Bamboo is here to help. The nutrition knowledge found here could prove to be the answer to eating a healthy well balanced diet.


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Find out what Doctors and clinicians know about the benefits of a healthy diet. Discover the truth behind the latest fad or celebrity diet and what health risks may be associated with rapid weight loss. Good nutrition is a way of leading a healthy life. Let the information you find at Gold Bamboo be your guide. west image

A balanced diet as recommended by the USDA.

Your body is a temple. There is no room in the temple for junk, sugar water, frozen dinners or overly processed synthetic foods. Eastern knowledge about nutrition is founded on millennia of eating what is readily found in nature. Foods grown organically and prepared simply have proven to be the most beneficial to sustain human body.

Gold Bamboo is your single comprehensive online source for alternative nutrition information.

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Food colors show differences in nutrients and vitamins. A good diet includes all of them.

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