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One thing Health and Wellness professionals around the world agree on is that exercise is good for you. Whether your 9 or 90, some form of physical activity on a daily basis is just what the body needs to burn fat, build muscle and increase circulation. Gold Bamboo integrates Eastern and Western fitness information into one comprehensive online source.


From the WEST  scientific·clinical

From the EAST  traditional·alternative

Begin your daily fitness regimen here. Gold Bamboo has the facts on the benefits of physical activity for everyone -- young and old. From weight loss and dieting, to sports training and physical therapy, a well built exercise program can prevent disease and injury and keep you going strong. west image

Modern excercise machines are effective and convienent.

Get your workout and calm your mind at the same time. Traditional and alternative physical fitness is about much more than getting in a daily workout. Gold Bamboo can help you discover the healing power of yoga, a serious workout for the body and the mind. Check out Tai Bo, Tai Chi, Pilates and more. east image

Traditional fitness habits can keep you looking and feeling great.