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Make Gold Bamboo part of your preflight checklist before you head to the airport or interstate. Use Gold Bamboo as a resource for healthy travel any where in the world. Get the latest health information, vaccination requirements and learn how you can arrive feeling well rested and ready for anything.


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Before your next trip check into Gold Bamboo for the latest scientific medical information about your destination. Search for the latest vaccination requirements, the safety of the local water supply, foods to avoid and general health concerns. Healthy travel preparations begin at Gold Bamboo. west image

Pre-travel vaccinations can keep you healthy.

Before you travel research your destination here to find an alternative approach to enjoying a healthy trip. Search Gold bamboo to find out what to bring, how to prepare your body, what to eat and what to leave on the table. From homeopathic remedies to the dehydration fighting qualities of vitamin C and water, Gold Bamboo can help you arrive healthy and stay that way. east image

Ginger helps prevent nausea caused by travel sickness.


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