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Before you ingest any medications or apply any to your skin, use Gold Bamboo to find out the medication’s benefits, possible negative interactions and side effects. You can research information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements. Not sure of the spelling, don’t worry Gold Bamboo will try and find a match based on phonetics.

Gold Bamboo provides a wealth of relevant and reliable information cultivated from both Eastern and Western practices. Gold Bamboo’s Medications section will help you gain a greater understanding of prescription drugs over the counter medications and vitamins which we classify as From the West and medicinal herbs, remedies, and supplements which we classify as From the East.


Oral medication A medication is a licenced drug taken to cure or reduc ...
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From the WEST  scientific·clinical

From the EAST  traditional·alternative

Search Gold Bamboo’s web site for brand name and generic name prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or vitamins. Research information on drugs to better understand how they work, understand possible side effects and interactions.

Popular medications from the West include:

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Scientific research produces drugs that can work wonders.

Educate yourself about the medicinal alternatives available to you for nearly every condition. Explore Gold Bamboo’s resources on medicinal plants and herbs as well as natural compounds and poultices that have been used to treat everything from diabetes and gout to the common cold.

Popular medications from the East include:

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Traditional plant use helps to alleviate the symptoms of many illnesses.




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