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... Reactive arthritis develops in reaction to an infection in another part of your body, often in your gastrointestinal or genitourinary tract. You may not be aware of the triggering infection because it...
Source: MayoClinic

Risk factors
... Certain factors increase your risk of reactive arthritis: Sex. Reactive arthritis occurs most frequently in men 20 to 40 years old. In fact, it''s the most common form of arthritis in young men. Thoug...
Source: MayoClinic

When to seek medical advice
... Contact your doctor if you develop signs and symptoms that may indicate reactive arthritis. Also contact your doctor if you''re being treated for the disease and new signs and symptoms develop.
Source: MayoClinic

Screening and diagnosis
... Reactive arthritis can go undiagnosed for a long time because your signs and symptoms may be mild. In many cases, however, people with undiagnosed reactive arthritis first visit their doctor when one ...
Source: MayoClinic