Urinary tract infections are a serious health problem affecting millions of people each year. Infections of the urinary tract are common--only respiratory infections occur more often. In 1997, urinary tract infections (UTIs) accounted for about 8.3 million doctor visits.* Women are especially prone to UTIs for reasons that are poorly understood. One woman in five develops a UTI during her lifetime. UTIs in men are not so common, but they can be very serious when they do occur.


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Urinary Tract Infections/uti Symptoms

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Signs and symptoms
... Not everyone with a UTI develops recognizable signs and symptoms, but most people have some. These can include: A strong, persistent urge to urinate A burning sensation when urinating Passing frequent...
Source: MayoClinic

... Urinary tract infections typically occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra and begin to multiply in the bladder. The urinary system has infection-fighting properties that inhib...
Source: MayoClinic

Urinary Tract Infections/uti Prevention

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... You can take steps to reduce your risk of urinary tract infections. Women in particular may benefit from the following: Drink plenty of liquids, especially water. Cranberry juice may have infection-fi...
Source: MayoClinic

Urinary Tract Infections/uti Treatment

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... When treated promptly and properly, UTIs rarely lead to complications. But left untreated, a urinary tract infection can become something more serious than a set of uncomfortable symptoms. Untreated U...
Source: MayoClinic

... If your symptoms are typical and you''re generally in good health, antibiotics are the first line of treatment for most UTIs. Which drugs you use and for how long depends on your health condition and ...
Source: MayoClinic

Urinary Tract Infections/uti Other

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Urinary Tract Infections in Children
... Aside from unexpected wetting, the most common urinary problem among children is infections. An estimated 3 percent of girls and 1 percent of boys have had a urinary tract infection (UTI) by the age o...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Urinary Tract Infections
... The urinary tract makes and stores urine, one of the body’s liquid waste products. The urinary tract includes the following parts: Kidneys, which produce urine by removing waste and water from the blo...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Urinary Tract Infections/uti Treatment

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Aromatherapy for the Urinary Tract
... The urinary system, consisting of the kidneys and bladder, regulates the body''s water content and salt balance, and eliminates waste. The kidney determines what will be eliminated and what will be re...
Source: HealthWorld

Women''s Health: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
... About 1 out of 5 women will get a urinary tract infection (UTI) in her life. Some women get lots of UTIs. Men get UTIs too, but not as often. What is the urinary tract? Your urinary tract is made up o...
Source: HealthWorld


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