Article: Wounds (band)

This article is about a band called Wounds. For the article on damage to the skin or bruising see Wound.


1998 - The beginning

WOUNDS were formed in December 1998 when Jouni (guitar), Arto (drums), Joakim (vocals) and P.P. (bass) began to play together in Arto's old house as a place to practice. In the beginning Wounds were mostly influenced by Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Impaled Nazarene among many others.

1999 - Brutal Mutations

Somewhere in late 1999 their original bassist P.P decided to leave the band because he seemed not to be interested in band anymore. So rest of Wounds (Joakim, Arto, Jouni) decided to enter real studio in December 1999. Because lack of any bass-player, Jouni played bass in first demo "Brutal Mutations". After recording Joakim decided to take care of bass lines in future.

2000 - Barbarizing The Death

Almost six months Wounds were composing new stuff which was to come more brutal and faster. In June, 2000 they recorded the second demo "Barbarizing The Death". Demo contained five new songs and two old tracks from first demo and heavier sound quality than in first demo. They also got some offers to different compilations and one song of theirs was played in biggest finnish metalshow (Metalliliitto = as english "Metal Union").

2001 - Nuclear Devastation

After "Barbarizing the Death" Wounds did some gigs and sold and traded demos. In June 2001, a year after "Barbarizing the Death" Wounds returned to studio to record a new demo "Nuclear Devastation". Demo contained four new intence tracks.

2002 - Chaos Theory

Wounds' old friend Sami (Irritate, Incriminated) from Hostile Regression Records heard the Nuclear Devastation demo and asked if Wounds would like to release their debut album through sub-label of his and american's, called Bestial Burst. The deal was done and in January 2002 Wounds started the recording sessions of their debut album "Chaos Theory". 5 days was spent in studio and 8 new songs were recorded, and as for bonus they included their last demo to the album.

2003 - Holocaust Reich

Almost two years after the recordings of "Chaos Theory", Jouni's military service and few gigs Wounds decided to record new promo called "Holocaust Reich". Promo included 4 new songs which are more aggressive, more fast and even more thrashy than our album. "Holocaust Reich" has got a very positive feedback from everywhere.

2005 - Morbid Holocaust

After Holocaust Reich promo Wounds got a record deal from semi-big finnish metal label and made and practiced new songs for their upcoming second album called "MORBID HOLOCAUST". Wounds recorded the songs in August 2005 and master tape was sent to the label to be released.

2006 - The Future

As of May 2006 the Morbid Holocaust album is still yet to be released due to some problems with the album cover. Bestial Burst however released Wounds' first demo Brutal Mutations and Holocaust Reich promo as a split with Nailgunner.


  • Brutal Mutations, Demo 1999
  • Barbarizing The Death, Demo 2000
  • Nuclear Devastation, Demo 2001
  • Chaos Theory, Album 2002
  • Holocaust Reich, Promo 2003