Wilms' tumor is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells are found in certain parts of the kidney. The kidneys are a matched pair of organs found on either side of the backbone. The kidneys are shaped like a kidney bean. Inside each kidney are tiny tubes that filter and clean the blood, taking out unneeded products, and making urine. The urine made by the kidneys passes through a tube called a ureter into the bladder where it is held until it is passed from the body. Wilms' tumor is curable in the majority of affected children. In Wilms' tumor, how the cancer cells look under a microscope (histology) is also very important. The cancer cells can be of favorable histology or unfavorable histology (which includes focal and diffuse anaplasia)


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Wilms' Tumor Symptoms

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Signs and symptoms
... You may feel a mass in your child''s abdomen during bathing or dressing, or your child''s doctor may detect it during a routine physical examination. Wilms'' tumor may also go undetected early on, bec...
Source: MayoClinic

... Essential for life, your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs near the middle of your back. They cleanse your blood and maintain normal levels of body water and important chemicals, such as sodium and p...
Source: MayoClinic

Wilms' Tumor Prevention

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... Scientists don''t know how to prevent Wilms'' tumor. If your child exhibits at birth one or more of the risk factors for Wilms'' tumor, his or her doctor may recommend annual ultrasound exams to detec...
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Wilms' Tumor Treatment

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... Standard treatment for Wilms'' tumor is surgery and chemotherapy. The stage of the tumor and appearance of the cancer cells under a microscope help determine whether your child also needs radiation th...
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Wilms' Tumor Support

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Coping skills
... Here are some suggestions to help you guide your family through cancer treatment: Bring a favorite toy or book to office or clinic visits, to keep your child occupied while waiting. Stay with your chi...
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Wilms' Tumor Other

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Wilms'' Tumor
... What is Wilms'' tumor? Wilms'' tumor is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells are found in certain parts of the kidney. The kidneys are a "matched" pair of organs found on either side ...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Wilms'' Tumor and Other Childhood Kidney Tumors
... If your child has Stage I Wilmss tumor or anaplastic cancer, your childs treatment will probably be surgery to remove the kidney and some of the lymph nodes near the kidney followed by chemotherapy. Y...
Source: National Cancer Institute


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