Multiple myeloma (also known as MM, myeloma, plasma cell myeloma, or as Kahler's disease after Otto Kahler) is a type of cancer of plasma cells, immune system cells in bone marrow that produce antibodies. Its prognosis, despite therapy, is generally poor, and treatment may involve chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. It is part of the broad group of diseases called hematological malignancies. Clinical features Because many organs can be affected by myeloma, the symptoms and signs are ...
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... Multiple myeloma can result in several complications: Impaired immunity. Myeloma cells inhibit the production of antibodies needed for normal immunity. Having multiple myeloma may make you more likely...
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... Generally, if you have multiple myeloma and aren''t experiencing symptoms, you don''t need treatment. However, your doctors will likely monitor your condition at variable intervals, checking for signs...
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... The following tips may help you keep multiple myeloma under control: Stay active. Exercise helps keep your bones stronger. If pain keeps you from being active, ask your doctor about ways to lessen the...
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