? Hepatitis A virus TEM micrograph of hepatitis A virions. Virus classification Group: Group IV ((+)ssRNA) Family: Picornaviridae Genus: Hepatovirus Species: Hepatitis A virus Hepatitis A is an enterovirus transmitted by the orofecal route, such as contaminated food. It causes an acute form of hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and does not have a chronic stage. The patient's immune system makes antibodies against Hepatitis A that confer immunity against future in ...
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... In most cases of hepatitis A, the liver heals completely in a month or two with no lasting damage. Furthermore, the virus doesn''t remain in your body once you''ve recovered. Older adults and people w...
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... No specific treatment exists for hepatitis A. Instead, the main focus is on making sure you get adequate nutrition and avoid any permanent liver damage. If you''re nauseated, eating small snacks throu...
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... In Europe, the herb milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used for centuries to treat jaundice and other liver disorders. Today, scientific studies have confirmed that the chief constituent of milk...
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