? Hepatitis A virus TEM micrograph of hepatitis A virions. Virus classification Group: Group IV ((+)ssRNA) Family: Picornaviridae Genus: Hepatovirus Species: Hepatitis A virus Hepatitis A is an enterovirus transmitted by the orofecal route, such as contaminated food. It causes an acute form of hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and does not have a chronic stage. The patient's immune system makes antibodies against Hepatitis A that confer immunity against future in ...
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Signs and symptoms
... Some people may have hepatitis A and never develop signs or symptoms. Young children, especially, tend to have mild cases, but symptoms in older children and adults are likely to be more severe. In ge...
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... Your liver is located on the right side of your abdomen, just beneath your lower ribs. It performs more than 500 functions, including processing most of the nutrients absorbed from your intestines, re...
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Risk factors
... You''re at increased risk of hepatitis A if you: Travel or work in regions with high rates of hepatitis A. Are a sexually active gay or bisexual man. Use injected or noninjected illicit drugs. Work in...
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Screening and diagnosis
... See your doctor if you have symptoms of hepatitis A or think you may have been exposed to the virus. Tests can accurately diagnose whether you''ve been infected. Blood tests can detect the presence of...
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