Drug abuse has a range of definitions, all of them suggesting disaproval at the use or overuse of a drug for a nontherapeutic effect . Leon Wurmser goes as far as to say "The term is so wide and imprecise, contains such a hodgepodge of clinical and social phenomena, and is so dependent on the bias of the observer, that a systematic study of its etiology would be as vast and comprehensive as an inquiry into the etiology of fever" . ...


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Drug Abuse Prevention

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Mind Over Matter Teacher''s Guide: Hallucinogens
... Background Hallucinogens are drugs which cause altered states of perception and feeling and which can produce flashbacks. They include natural substances, such as mescaline and psilocybin that come fr...
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Drug Abuse Support

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Mom and Dad Are Using Drugs
... Embarrassment, shame, worry, guilt and anger. You have probably felt these emotions and many others if your parents are using drugs. You should know that you are not alone. There are many other kids w...
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Drug Abuse Other

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Addictions: An Overview
... What are addictions? Addictions are compulsions to use and abuse things to an excessive and destructive extent. These compulsions are very powerful and produce a life-threatening and self-perpetuating...
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Treating Alcohol and Drug Abuse Problems in Adolescents
... Adolescents have a lot to deal with --a fast-paced family lifestyle, school, peer pressure, conflicting emotions and often a sense of isolation. To cope, some adolescents turn to drugs or alcohol. Ado...
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