Bronchiolitis is inflammation of the bronchioles, the smallest air passages of the lungs. Causes The term usually refers to acute viral bronchiolitis, a common disease in infancy. This is most commonly caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV, also known as human pneumovirus). (J210) Other viruses which may cause this illness include metapneumovirus, influenza, parainfluenza, coronavirus and rhinovirus. Presentation In a typical case, an infant under twelve months of age develops co ...
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... Complications of severe bronchiolitis may include: Increasingly labored breathing Cyanosis, a condition in which your child''s skin appears blue or ashen, especially around the lips, caused by lack of...
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... You can treat most cases of bronchiolitis at home with self-care steps. Because a virus is usually the cause of bronchiolitis, antibiotics — which are used to treat infections caused by bacteria...
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... Although it may not be possible to shorten the duration of your child''s illness, you may be able to relieve some of the symptoms and make your child more comfortable. Here are some tips to consider: ...
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