Within limits, the lower your blood pressure reading is, the better. In most people blood pressure isn't too low until it causes symptoms such as lightheadedness or fainting.


Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the bloo ...
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Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

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Signs and symptoms
... Some people with low blood pressure are in peak physical condition with strong cardiovascular systems and a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. For these people, low blood pressure, rather than b...
Source: MayoClinic

... The heart is the prime mover of the circulatory system; with each beat it launches your blood on a journey through 60,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries, ultimately circulating about 2,000 g...
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Low Blood Pressure Treatment

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... Even moderate postural, postprandial or neurally mediated hypotension can seriously affect quality of life, leading not only to dizziness and weakness but also to fainting and a risk of injury from fa...
Source: MayoClinic

... Low blood pressure that doesn''t cause signs or symptoms rarely requires treatment. In symptomatic cases, the appropriate therapy depends on the underlying cause, and doctors usually try to address th...
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Low Blood Pressure Other

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... Just a few decades ago, doctors thought a blood pressure reading of 160/95 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) was an acceptable target rate for most Americans. Today, those numbers are regarded as dangero...
Source: MayoClinic

Orthostatic Hypotension Information Page
... Orthostatic hypotension is a sudden fall in blood pressure that occurs when a person assumes a standing position. It may be caused by hypovolemia (a decreased amount of blood in the body), resulting f...
Source: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Low Blood Pressure Treatment

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... An excessive fall in blood pressure on assuming the upright position. Allopathic medicine does not consider this to be a specific disease as such, but a manifestation of abnormal blood pressure due to...
Source: HealthWorld

... Petroselinum crispumUmbelliferaeHabitat: Native to the Eastern Mediterranean, cultivated worldwide.Collection: The root is collected in the autumn from two year oldplants. the leaves can be used any t...
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