Pressure sores and bed sores are terms that basically refer to the same problem, the formation of a wound due to prolonged pressure on a particular point on the body. The term pressure sores is perhaps more useful than bed sores, since it includes injuries caused by being in bed as well as those that result from sitting in a wheelchair or using an orthopedic device that presses against the skin. Decubitus ulcer is a term doctors use to describe any such sore.


Bedsores, more properly termed pressure ulcers, are ulcers (sores) caused b ...
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Pressure Sores Symptoms

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Signs and symptoms
... Pressure sores fall into one of four stages based on their severity. The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, a professional organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of pressure sores...
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... You shift in your chair during meetings, fiddle with the radio when driving, turn a dozen times in your sleep. Every day, without thinking, you make hundreds of subtle postural adjustments that help s...
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Pressure Sores Prevention

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... Pressure sores are easier to prevent than to treat, but that doesn''t mean the process is easy or uncomplicated. Still, although wounds can develop in spite of the most scrupulous care, it''s possible...
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Pressure Sores Treatment

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... Every year, complications of pressure sores kill tens of thousands of Americans, including one in 12 people living with spinal cord injuries. Even the most conscientious care can''t always prevent ser...
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... As challenging as preventing pressure sores is, treating them is even more daunting. Open wounds are slow to close, and because skin and other tissues have already been damaged or destroyed, healing i...
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Pressure Sores Other

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... In 1995, a horse riding accident transformed Christopher Reeve from an actor indelibly identified with Superman into a quadriplegic and an outspoken advocate for the disabled. Ten years later, Reeve''...
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