An allergy is a immune malfunction whereby a person's body is hypersensitised to react immunologically to typically nonimmunogenic substances. When a person is hypersensitised these substances are known as allergens. The word allergy derives from the Greek words allos meaning "other" and ergon meaning "reaction" or "reactivity". Reactions can vary from the benign runny nose, to life-threatening anaphylactic shock and death.


... Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening type of allergic reaction. ...
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In medicine, anaphylaxis is a severe and rapid systemic allergic reaction. ...
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There are limited mainstream medical treatments for allergies, probably the most important factor in rehabilitation is the removal of sources of allergens from the home environment, and avoiding environments in which contact with allergens is likely.

In alternative medicine, a number of treatment modalities are considered effective by its practitioners in the treatment of allergies, particularly traditional Chinese medicine

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Allergy Symptoms

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Signs and symptoms
... An anaphylactic reaction is most likely to occur in susceptible people who have been stung by a bee or bitten by an insect, eaten food containing food allergens, or taken a new medication. The effects...
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... Many allergens can cause anaphylaxis. Sometimes the cause of an anaphylactic reaction is unknown. The most common causes of anaphylaxis include: Drugs, such as penicillin Foods such as peanuts, tree n...
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Allergy Prevention

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... The best way to prevent anaphylaxis is to avoid substances that you know cause this severe reaction. Follow these steps to help ensure your well-being: Wear a medical alert necklace or bracelet to ind...
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Allergy Treatment

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... Adrenaline (epinephrine) is the drug most commonly used to treat anaphylactic reactions. You can self-administer the drug with an autoinjector, such as the EpiPen or the EpiPen Jr. An autoinjector is ...
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Allergy Other

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Allergies and Asthma: Suggested Readings
... Allergies: General Resources Allergies A to Z Myron A. Lipkowitz, RP, MD Facts on File, Inc. Department M274, 11 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001 (212) 290-8090 or 1-800-322-8755 Allergies, Disease in D...
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Allergy and Asthma Resources
... Allergy and Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics America, Inc. (AAN/MA) 3554 Chain Bridge Rd., Suite 200 Fairfax, VA 22030 (703) 385-4403 or 1-800-878-4403 Allergy Management...
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Allergy Treatment

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Allergic to What? Part 1: Herbal Programs for Food Allergies
... Everybody''s allergic to something. Cat hair, grass pollen, wheat bread by the slice, cow''s milk and eggs. What about work? According to Dorland, allergy is "a hypersensitive state." Often the subjec...
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Childhood Allergies
... An allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to a normally harmless substance. About one in every six children in the United States is allergic to one or more substances. There are a variety of substances,...
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