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Teen Health Prevention

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Teens, Teen Issues, and Preventative Health Care
... How often does a teenager need to be seen by their doctor? Teens, like adults, should visit their doctor once a year. In addition to an annual visit, a complete physical exam should be performed at le...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Teen Health Support

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Talking to Your Teens About Sex
... Sexuality is an important part of being human. It involves more than the physical act of intercourse with another person. It affects how we feel about ourselves as males and females, and even affects ...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

How to Talk to Your Adolescent Girl About Her Body
... Puberty often begins earlier than parents think. Breast budding in girls--their first sign of puberty--starts at age 10 on average, with some girls starting as early as 8 and others not starting until...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Teen Health Other

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Back to Basics: Keeping Kids Healthy in School
... Garry Gosky, M.D., Cleveland Clinic Pediatrician Back to school has many parents thinking about school and dorm supplies, but parents should also think about what they can do to protect their child’s ...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Pre-participation Sports Physicals: Preparing the Athlete for Action
... Most teens who participate in sports are anxious to get in the game. For their safety, however, many schools require a sports physical, also called a pre-participation exam (PPE), before an athlete is...
Source: Cleveland Clinic


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