hemorrhagic fever with neurological signs; caused by the Junin virus


?Ebola virus Virus classification Group: Group V ((-)ssRNA) ...
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Hemorrhagic Fevers Symptoms

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Signs and symptoms
... The VHF designation includes a broad range of diseases. As a result, signs and symptoms can vary widely, even among members of the same viral family. But VHFs do have some common characteristics, espe...
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... Emerging diseases are infections that are appearing for the first time or that are rapidly increasing in incidence and range. Many of these infections have surfaced in the past several decades, includ...
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Hemorrhagic Fevers Prevention

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... Preventing VHFs, especially in developing nations, presents enormous challenges. Many of the social, economic and ecological factors that contribute to the sudden appearance and spread of infectious d...
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Hemorrhagic Fevers Treatment

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... Although complications of VHFs vary, some problems occur with many of the viruses. They include: Uveitis. This eye inflammation affects the uvea, the layer just beneath the white of your eye (sclera)....
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... No specific treatment exists for most VHFs, although the antiviral drug ribavirin may help shorten the course of infection and prevent complications in arenaviruses and bunyaviruses. Whether bleeding ...
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Hemorrhagic Fevers Other

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... A deadly outbreak of Marburg virus in the African nation of Angola has created widespread attention and kept public health officials busy trying to keep the epidemic under control. For all the attenti...
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Fast-Acting Ebola Vaccine Protects Monkeys
... A single shot of a fast-acting, experimental Ebola vaccine successfully protects monkeys from the deadly virus after only one month. If this vaccine proves similarly effective in humans, it may one da...
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