A procedure to remove or repair a part of the body or to find out whether disease is present. An operation.


A thoracic surgeon performs a mitral valve replacement at the Fitzsimons ...
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Surgery and Insomnia
... Is it common to have trouble sleeping after surgery? Yes. Many people complain of having trouble sleeping for some time after surgery. You may experience insomnia (an inability to sleep) because of: T...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

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Your Guide to Pain Control After Surgery
... Pain does not have to be an unavoidable part of your recovery from surgery. Today''s pain control treatments can prevent most pain after surgery. This information has been prepared to help you underst...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Pain Control After Surgery
... Pain is a worry for most people. But it is comforting to know that pain control is an important part of your recovery. Every effort is made to minimize your pain; however, it is normal to experience s...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

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Pre-Surgical and Post-Surgical Treatment
... Surgery represents conventional medicine at its best and its worst. On the one hand, surgery demonstrates incredibly sophisticated informational and technical advancement, yet on the other hand, it of...
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A Time to Heal: Chronotherapy Tunes In to Body''s Rhythms
... by Isadora Stehlin How our bodies marshal defenses against disease depends on many factors, such as age, gender and genetics. Recently, the role of our bodies' biological rhythms in fighting disea...
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Surgery Articles

  • Alternatives to Hysterectomy: New Technologies, More Options
    ... by Linda Bren More than 1 in 4 U.S. women will have a hysterectomy by the time they are 60 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A hysterectomy--removal of the ...
  • Breast Reduction Often Good Medicine
    ... by Marilynn Larkin Breast size usually isn't considered an appropriate topic for social conversation. But for a woman suffering the medical and social consequences of having large, pendulous breas...
  • Hysterectomy
    ... A hysterectomy is an operation to remove a woman's uterus (womb). The uterus is where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant. Sometimes the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix are removed at the s...
  • Ileostomy, Colostomy, and Ileoanal Reservoir Surgery
    ... Sometimes treatment for Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and familial adenomatous polyposis involves removing all or part of the intestines. When the intestines are removed, the body needs a n...
  • Laser Eye Surgery: Is It Worth Looking Into?
    ... by Carol Lewis For Jeri Goldstein everything was a blur. Without her contact lenses she couldn't distinguish people, the scenes on television, the stars at night, and, generally, the world at larg...
  • Preventive Mastectomy
    ... Preventive mastectomy (also called prophylactic mastectomy) is the surgical removal of one or both breasts in an effort to prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer. Total mastectomy, an operation t...
  • Questions and Answers about Hip Replacement
    ... Hip replacement, or arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure in which the diseased parts of the hip joint are removed and replaced with new, artificial parts. These artificial parts are called the prosth...
  • Sizing Up Surgery
    ... by Carol Lewis Thousands of Americans face surgery each year, often with fear and doubts about whether the right step is being taken. And not knowing what's involved may mean putting yourself thro...