Article: Stress

Stress can refer to:

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  • Stress (physics)
    • Tensile stress
    • Compressive stress
    • Shear stress
    • Pressure
  • Yield stress in mechanical engineering
  • Stress (medicine), medical or psychological stress
    • Eustress
  • Stress management, techniques for coping with personal stress
  • Stress (linguistics) in linguistics (phonology)
  • Beat (music), stressed and unstressed musical beats
  • Link stress, see network theory
  • Overpopulation, or population stress
  • Moisture stress or plant stress is the result of depriving a plant of water
  • Stress (band), the rock band from the late 1980s
  • STRESS is the Southern inTermediate Redshift ESO SN Search (ESO = European Southern Observatory; SN = SuperNova)
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