Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common skin cancer. It can be destructive and disfiguring. Risk is increased for individuals with a family history of the disease and a high cumulative exposure to UV light via sunlight or, in the past, carcinogenic chemicals especially arsenic. Treatment is with surgery, topical chemotherapy, x-ray, cryosurgery, photodynamic therapy, or topical immune enhancement drugs such as imiquimod. It is rarely life-threatening but if left u ...
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The Perfect, Healthy Sunless Tan
... Today’s sunless tanning products are safe, easy to use and create natural-looking color. The products are available for every skin type and every budget, so a safe, sun-kissed glow is now easier to ac...
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Coping skills
... Skin cancer accounts for about half of all cancers diagnosed in the United States. Yet it accounts for very few cancer deaths because it''s highly treatable in most cases. Basal cell and squamous cell...
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