A pesticide is a chemical, or sometimes biological agent such as a virus or bacteria, used to control, to repel, to attract, or to kill pests, which are organisms, including insects, weeds, birds, mammals, fish, and microbes, that compete with humans for food, destroy property, spread disease, or are considered a nuisance. Pesticides are usually, but not always, poisons.


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Choosing Pesticides Wisely
... Diane Relf Virginia Cooperative Extension Table of Contents Do you really need a pesticide? Which pesticide will meet your need? Which pesticide is best for your situation? Good cultural practices wil...
Source: National Ag Safety Database

Understanding Pesticide Labels
... Diane Relf Virginia Cooperative Extension Introduction What's on a Label? Understanding the Label Helps Reduce Environmental Problems Research has shown that consumers find reading and understandi...
Source: National Ag Safety Database


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