Periodontitis, or Pyorrhea, is a disease involving inflammation of the gums (gingiva), often persisting unnoticed for years or decades in a patient, that results in loss of bone around teeth. This differs from gingivitis, where there is inflammation of the gingiva but without bone loss; it is the loss of bone around the teeth that differentiates between these two oral inflammatory diseases. Aetiology Plaque bacteria and bacterial toxins that accumulate below the gum-line may cause inflam ...
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... Having periodontal disease may put you at greater risk of a number of serious medical conditions: Heart disease and stroke. Having long-term gum disease may increase your risk of heart attack and stro...
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... Your gum tissue should fit snugly around each tooth, much as a turtleneck sweater fits around your neck. But when periodontitis destroys supporting bone and tissue, the metaphorical sweater stretches ...
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... Because nutrition plays a major role in oral health, many complementary and alternative therapies focus on supplying your body with certain nutrients. Some of these include: Coenzyme CQ 10 (Co Q10) Th...
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