This article is a physical description of hearing impairment. See Deaf culture for deafness as seen from a cultural model. A hearing impairment is a decrease in one's ability to hear (i.e. perceive auditory information). It is important to note that the term "hearing-impaired" is considered offensive by many Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, who prefer the two latter terms. Explanation While some cases of hearing loss are reversible with medical treatment, many are permanent. Whether ...
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Communication Strategies for Family and Friends
... Hearing aids alone may not enable the person with hearing loss to communicate successfully in all listening situations. As a family member or friend of a person with hearing loss, you can help make th...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Repairing A Tiny Sound System Restores Lost Hearing
... Well into the movie "Immortal Beloved," a speculative story about Beethoven and his mystery lover, the world’s greatest composer saws off the legs of his piano. This allows him to lay flat o...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Coping skills
... Try these tips to communicate more easily despite your hearing loss: Position yourself to hear. Face the person with whom you''re having a conversation. Turn off background noise. For example, noise f...
Source: MayoClinic