Glaucoma is a group of diseases of the optic nerve involving loss of retinal ganglion cells in a characteristic pattern of optic neuropathy. Raised intraocular pressure is a significant risk factor for developing glaucoma. There is no set threshold for intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma — while one person may develop nerve damage at a relatively low pressure, another person may have high eye pressures for years and yet never develop damage. ...


Human eye cross-sectional view. Courtesy NIH National Eye Institute ...
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Glaucoma Symptoms

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Signs and symptoms
... Glaucoma occurs in several types, and signs and symptoms vary depending on the type of glaucoma you have. Primary open-angle glaucoma progresses with few or no symptoms until the condition reaches an ...
Source: MayoClinic

... Internal pressure in your eye, called intraocular pressure, allows your eye to hold its shape and function properly. Intraocular pressure is like air in a balloon — too much pressure inside the ...
Source: MayoClinic

Glaucoma Prevention

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... Until recently, there was no proven way to prevent glaucoma. But in June 2004, a large multi-center trial, supported by the National Eye Institute, found that when glaucoma eye drops were given daily ...
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Glaucoma Treatment

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Advancements in Surgery for Glaucoma
... What is the purpose of glaucoma surgery? Glaucoma surgery reduces eye pressure. The purpose of reducing intraocular (within the eye) pressure is to prevent further vision loss from glaucoma. Glaucoma ...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

... If your doctor determines that you have elevated intraocular pressure , an excavated optic disk and loss of visual field, you''ll likely be treated for glaucoma. If you have only slightly elevated eye...
Source: MayoClinic

Glaucoma Other

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Glaucoma Treatments
... What types of treatment methods are available for glaucoma? The only proven method of treatment for glaucoma is by reducing the pressure inside the eye. There are three ways to lower the eye pressure ...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

What''s New in the Treatment of Glaucoma?
... What types of treatment methods are there for glaucoma?Two of the most common treatments for glaucoma are medications and laser treatment. Laser treatment is required in most cases of narrow-angle gla...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Glaucoma Treatment

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... Glaucoma happens when the pressure of the liquid in the eye gets too high and causes damage. Glaucoma tends to run in families and is one of the most common major eye disorders in people over the age...
Source: HealthWorld


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