Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is an umbrella term used to describe fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and the less noticeable, but sometimes equally serious, fetal alcohol effects (FAE). FAS and FAE are permanent, and often devastating, birth-defect syndromes caused by maternal consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.


A baby with FAS; his lifetime medical and welfare costs are estimated by ...
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Mouse Study Identifies Protective Mechanism Against Alcohol-Induced Embryo Toxicity
... Researchers have identified a mechanism by which the eight amino acid peptide NAP, an active fragment of a neuroprotective brain protein, protects against alcohol-induced embryo toxicity and growth re...
Source: National Institutes of Health

Preguntas frecuentes acerca del síndrome alcohólico fetal
... El síndrome alcohólico fetal (SAF) es un grupo de defectos de nacimiento causados por el consumo de alcohol durante el embarazo. Los niños que sufren del SAF tienen muchos problemas físicos, mentales ...
Source: National Women's Health Information Center


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