Epilepsy in animals and List of people believed to have epilepsy cover topics complementary to this article, which deals with epilepsy in the general human population. Epilepsy (sometimes referred to as a seizure disorder) is a common chronic neurological condition that is characterized by recurrent unprovoked epileptic seizures. It affects approximately 50 million people worldwide.[1] It is usually controlled, but not cured, with medication – although surgery may be considered in dif ...
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Epilepsy and Women''s Issues
... Epilepsy affects approximately 1 percent of the population, half of whom are women. More than one million women of child-bearing age in the United States have seizure disorders. Epilepsy and seizure m...
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Coping skills
... Each person who has epileptic seizures experiences them in a different way. Many people gain complete control of seizures as soon as they begin treatment. Other people take longer to find the right tr...
Source: MayoClinic