Childbirth (also called labour, birth, or parturition) is the culmination of pregnancy, the emergence of a child from its mother's uterus. It is considered by many to be the beginning of a person's life, and hence the opposite of death. Age is defined relative to this event in most cultures. A woman is considered to be in labour when she develops regular painful uterine contractions, which are accompanied by changes of her cervix, these primarily being effacement and dilation. ...


Childbirth (also called labo(u)r, birth, partus or parturition) is the culmi ...
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Childbirth Treatment

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Umbilical Cord Prolapse
... What is the umbilical cord? The umbilical cord is a flexible, tube-like structure that, during pregnancy, connects the fetus to the mother. The umbilical cord is the baby’s lifeline to the mother. It ...
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Childbirth Support

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Newborn Behavior
... Many new parents may not know what is considered "normal" newborn behavior. Babies develop at different rates, but they still display many of the same behaviors, so don’t be alarmed if your ...
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Vacuum Extraction and Forceps Delivery
... What is a vacuum extraction? A vacuum extraction is an alternative to forceps delivery, and your physician will decide which is more appropriate for your circumstances. In this procedure, the physicia...
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Childbirth Other

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Creating A Birth Plan
... What is a birth plan? A birth plan is a simple, clear, one-page statement of an expectant mother’s preferences for her birth experience. Copies of a birth plan may be added to an expectant mother’s me...
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... What is an episiotomy? An episiotomy is a procedure in which a small incision is made between the anus and vagina to enlarge the vaginal opening. The procedure is intended to prevent vaginal tears dur...
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