The eye has three major parts: the globe, the orbit, and the adnexal structures. The globe (eyeball) is filled with a jelly-like material called vitreous. The uvea and the retina are two important parts of the globe. The uvea consists of: the iris (the colored or pigmented part surrounds the pupil, the opening that controls the amount of light that enters the eyeball) the choroid (a thin, pigmented layer lining the eyeball that nourishes the retina and the front of the eye with b...

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division and the ability of these cells to invade other tissues, either by direct growth into adjacent tissue (invasion) or by migration of cells to distant sites (metastasis). This unregulated growth is caused by a series of acquired or inherited mutations to DNA within cells, damaging genetic information that define the cell functions and removing normal control of cell division. ...

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