Herpes Zoster; Post-herpetic Neuralgia 

Cortef; Hydrocortone 

Herpes zoster, colloquially known as shingles, is the reactivation of varicella zoster virus, leading to a crop of painful blisters over the area of a dermatome. It occurs very rarely in children and adults, but its incidence is high in the elderly (over 60), as well as in any age group of immunocompromised patients. It strikes 500,000 people per year in the United States. Treatment is generally with acyclovir. Many develop a painful condition termed postherpetic neuralgia.

a steroid drug. It is similar to cortisone, which is made in the adrenal glands. The drug has anti-inflammatory effects in the body which is the desired action. (source)

Shingles as related to Hydrocortisone Tablets