Degenerative Joint Disease; Osteoarthritis arthritis 

2-Amino-2-Deoxyglucose; Chitosamine; Glucosamine Hydrochloride; Glucosamine Sulfate; N-acetyl Glucosamine 

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. This is the form that usually comes with age and most often affects the fingers, knees, and hips. Sometimes osteoarthritis follows an injury to a joint. For example, a young person might hurt his knee badly playing soccer. Then, years after the knee has apparently healed, he might get arthritis in his knee joint.

Glucosamine (C6H14NO5) is a dietary supplement distributed as a salt -- commonly, but not limited to, glucosamine HCl, glucosamine sulfate potassium, and glucosamine sulfate sodium. Common dosages of glucosamine are 1,500 mg per day. The salt (e.g. glucosamine sulfate * KCL, glucosamine sulfate * NACL) forms are necessary to stabilize the glucosamine sulfate, whereas glucosamine HCl is stable without requiring a salt to be bound to it.