This term refers to therapies such as massage, deep tissue manipulation, movement awareness, and energy balancing - a general collection of modalities, all of which improve the structure and functioning of the human body. They may or may not involve physical touch, but they all facilitate the body's own healing response. Bodywork in all its forms helps to reduce pain, soothe injured muscles, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation and promote deep relaxation. ...


This article is about automotive bodywork. For human touch, see Body work ( ...
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Bodywork Conditions

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Treating Arthritis with Bodywork
... Arthritis Bodywork Osteoarthritis is directly related to skeletal and postural difficulties. Tendons and ligaments can be torn or stretched as a result of injury , exercise, or aging. The fascial tiss...
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Treating Back Pain with Bodywork
... Back Pain Bodywork Bodywork includes all the various forms of massage, deep tissue, and movement awareness therapies that can be applied to the treatment of back pain. There are several techniques of ...
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