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The Psychophysiological Approach
... "The Physician should not treat the disease, but the person suffering from it." A brief survey of healing practices throughout history and throughout the present world is both illuminating and though...
Source: HealthWorld

Breathing Practices
... It is a bit unusual to us in the western world to consider the importance of breathing techniques. After all, we are always breathing, aren''t we? It seems a little silly to put extra attention to som...
Source: HealthWorld

Meditation and Relaxation
... For thousands of years, religions the world over have extolled the benefits of meditation and quiet contemplation. In Islam and Catholicism, Judaism and Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, and in religious...
Source: HealthWorld

Mind/Body Medicine
... "The mind steadfastly refuses to behave locally, as contemporary scientific evidence is beginning to show. We now know, for example, that brain like tissue is found throughout the body.... So, even f...
Source: HealthWorld

Relaxation Practices
... When an individual purposefully seeks a state of deep relaxation a number of very important physiological mechanisms are triggered. The relaxed state, which is opposite of what is known as the "fight ...
Source: HealthWorld

Prayer as a Healing Force
... This article is taken from Dr. Larry Dossey''s remarks at the July 17, 1996 workshop "Spirituality, Healing, and the Soul," part of the Center''s series The Healing Force of Nature. Dr. Dossey serves...
Source: HealthWorld