A pegylated interferon drug that mimics naturally occurring “interferon”, which is an infection-fighting immune substance produced by the body. It is self-administered once a week by injection and seems to have fewer side effects than the interferon alpha. Approved for treatment of chronic hepatitis B in May 2005.


... PEGINTERFERON ALFA-2a (PEGASYS®) is a man-made protein. Natural interferons are produced to help the immune system fight viral infections and certain cancers. Peginterferon alfa-2a has similar actions to natural interferons and is used to treat hepatitis C infection. It is not known if peginterferon alfa-2a, whether given alone or with ribavirin, can cure hepatitis C, prevent liver failure or liver cancer, or prevent you from giving hepatitis C to another person. Generic peginterferon alfa-2a injections are not yet available. ...
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