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Tricor Tablets 

... FENOFIBRATE (Tricor®) tablets can help lower blood fats (called triglycerides) and cholesterol for people who are at risk of getting inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) from having very high amounts of fats in their blood. Inflammation of the pancreas is a painful condition of the abdomen that can sometimes cause serious health problems. Fenofibrate is only for patients whose blood fats are not controlled by diet. Fenofibrate can also help some persons who have high cholesterol and blood fats that have not responded well to other standard cholesterol lowering drugs. Fenofibrate is not a cure, and it is unclear at this time if this drug helps prevent heart disease. Generic fenobibrate is available for some products. To determine if an appropriate generic product is available for your particular fenofibrate brand, discuss options with your pharmacist. ...
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