Article: Hypoxia (disambiguation)

Hypoxia generically means a low level of oxygen. In different contexts it may refer to:

In the body:

  • Hypoxia, the reduction of oxygen in tissues below levels which are considered to be normal.
  • Hypoxaemia, the reduction of oxygen specifically in the blood.
  • Hypoxic hypoxia, hypoxia resulting from a defective mechanism of oxygenation in the lungs.
  • Anoxia the extreme form of hypoxia where there is no oxygen present, an anoxic condition.
  • Anaemic hypoxia is a state where the oxygen content of blood is low and the cause is anaemia, a decrease in the amount of haemoglobin in the blood.
  • Cerebral hypoxia also cerebral ischemia, is a pathological condition called hypoxic encephalopathy, a hypoxic condition in which there is a decrease of oxygen supply to the brain.
  • Ischemia is a medical term for hypoxia where there is a restriction in blood supply, generally due to factors in the blood vessels. Also ischaemia or ischæmia.

In the environment:

  • Environmental hypoxia or oxygen depletion, a reduced concentration of dissolved oxygen in a water body leading to stress and death in aquatic organisms.
  • Hypoxic zones, or dead zones, are hypoxic areas in the world's oceans.
  • Anoxic sea water is a condition where there is an abnormally low level of oxygen in the sea.
  • The oxygen minimum zone is the depth in the sea at which the disolved oxygen level is lowest, or most hypoxic.
  • Oxygen saturation is a relative measure of the amount of oxygen that is dissolved or carried in a given medium and is therefore a measure of hypoxia or hypoxic conditions.

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