Dermatitis is a term literally meaning "inflammation of the skin". It is usually used to refer to eczema, which is also known as Dermatitis eczema. There are several different types. Usually all of them have in common an allergic reaction to specific allergens. Specific types of dermatitis (ICD-10 codes are provided where available.) (B65.3) cercarial dermatitis (L13.0) dermatitis herpetiformis (L20) atopic dermatitis (L21) seborrhoeic dermatitis (L23-L25) contact dermatitis (L23.7) urus ...
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Signs and symptoms
... There are several types of dermatitis, including: Contact dermatitis Neurodermatitis Seborrheic dermatitis Stasis dermatitis Atopic dermatitis Perioral dermatitis Each has distinct signs and symptoms.
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... A number of health conditions, allergies, genetic factors, physical and mental stress, and irritants can cause dermatitis. Contact dermatitis results from direct contact with one of many irritants or ...
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When to seek medical advice
... See your doctor if: You''re so uncomfortable that you''re losing sleep or are distracted from your daily routines. Your skin becomes extremely painful. You suspect your skin is infected. You''ve tried...
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Screening and diagnosis
... Your doctor may diagnosis dermatitis after talking to you about your symptoms and examining your skin. In the case of contact dermatitis, your doctor may conduct patch testing on your skin to see whic...
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