For the villain character in Codename: Kids Next Door, see Common Cold (Codename: Kids Next Door). Acute nasopharyngitis, often known as the common cold, is a mild viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system (nose and throat). Symptoms include sneezing, sniffling, nasal congestion; scratchy, sore, or phlegmy throat; coughing; headache; and tiredness. Colds typically last three to five days, with residual coughing lasting up to three weeks. As its name suggests, it is the most ...
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... The most common complication of common colds in children is an acute ear infection (otitis media), which occurs when bacteria infiltrate the space behind the eardrum. Typical signs and symptoms includ...
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... There''s no cure for the common cold. Antibiotics are of no use against cold viruses, and over-the-counter cold preparations won''t cure a common cold or make it go away any sooner. However, over-the-...
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... You may not be able to cure your common cold, but you can make yourself as comfortable as possible. These tips may help: Drink lots of fluids. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarette smoke, which can ca...
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