Blood/Lymphatic System 


The tissues and organs that produce, store, and carry white blood cells that fight infections and other diseases. This system includes the bone marrow, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and lymphatic vessels (a network of thin tubes that carry lymph and white blood cells). Lymphatic vessels branch, like blood vessels, into all the tissues of the body.

An uncommon disorder characterized by the failure of the bone marrow to produce blood cells. It may occur as an inherited condition (see Fanconi's anemia) or, more often, the disease develops later in life. This form is called acquired aplastic anemia. It leads to a severe shortage of all types of blood cell causing tiredness, susceptibility to infection, and potentially serious problems with bleeding as a result of a deficiency in blood platelets. The acquired disease is usually the result of a...

Lymphatic System as related to Aplastic Anemia