Cold, Common 

Mumps or Epidemic parotitis is a viral disease of humans. Prior to the development of vaccination, it was a common childhood disease worldwide, and is still a significant threat to health in the third world.

The Common Cold is a fictional character and a villain in . He is perpetually ill and wishes to eliminate the Kids Next Door and to spread his cold to the world. He uses a machine to fire mucus from his nose at the Kids Next Door. The Common Cold can normally be defeated with orange juice.

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    What is mumps? Mumps is a contagious viral infection that can cause painful swelling of the salivary glands,especially the parotid glands (between the ear and the jaw).

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    Cause diseases such as the common cold, measles, mumps and hepatitis. True. Many microorganisms are apart of the normal flor of the body and are beneficial. False.

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    The most common mumps symptoms are fever, sore throat, and chills. However, not everyone who is infected with the mumps virus develops associated symptoms.

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