Pimples; Zits 

Melaleuca Oil; Oleum Melaleucae; TTO 

Acne is the term for plugged pores (blackheads and whiteheads), pimples, and even deeper lumps (cysts or nodules) that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and even the upper arms. Acne affects most teenagers to some extent. However, the disease is not restricted to any age group; adults in their 20s - even into their 40s - can get acne. While not a life threatening condition, acne can be upsetting and disfiguring. When severe, acne can lead to serious and permanent scarring. Eve...

Tea tree oil is a yellow- or green-tinged essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odour. It is extracted from the leaves of the tree Melaleuca alternifolia which is native to the northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. The oil is claimed to have benefical cosmetic and medical properties (including antiseptic and antifungal action).

Acne as related to Tea Tree Oil